about amelia bennett, leed ap

Growing up in Piedmont North Carolina and in the Virginia countryside, how could one not come away with an appreciation for nature and the outdoors? One only needs to take the time to look. Those memories, coupled with my interest in art and color, are where my journey in interior architecture began.


In Washington, DC, I embraced urban life. My eyes were opened to many new ideas. Immersion in corporate interiors, planning, and design brought energy and inspiration to my work.


On site and on the drawing board, I developed a solid understanding of the design process, project management, budgeting, and attention to detail. But that’s just brainpower…ideas rolled up in blueprints…a little sawdust and sweat equity. What brings the ultimate satisfaction is my passion for working with people.


Using my background in interior architecture and an interest in residential renovation as a springboard, I founded White Silo, a full-service, solution-based design studio. I enjoy helping my clients “get excited” about their projects and working to bring expression to their ideas.


Whether clients arrive with a handful of torn magazine pages, a fully conceived idea of their vision, or are seeking a no-stress turnkey job, I work to define, express, and execute their goals.


My style—pure, natural, textural. Borrowing elements from nature, bringing the outside in, I work with light, texture, and color. Just as elements in nature are layered, multifaceted, sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, I overlap appropriate transitional/traditional and/or modern elements to deliver a fresh, casual aesthetic, uniquely appropriate to each client.


I consult with clients throughout the Southeast. Work-related travel fuels my appreciation for both rural and urban life, meandering back roads and buildings that scrape the sky. Meanwhile, when at home in Manteo, on Roanoke Island, across the sound from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, I draw inspiration from its changing moods and the interplay of light, water, and sky. New places, new people, new ideas, recharge my spirit, and transfuse each new project with vitality and new ways of seeing.


Not only is my life concerned with interior environments, but also quality of life in the world at large. LEED accredited, I am sensitive to the use of sustainable materials and design with a “green guided” approach as I specify product. I find fulfillment in giving back to the community. I have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and the North Carolina Coastal Federation. I am an active member of the Roanoke Island Kiwanis and the Town of Manteo’s Preservation and Architectural Review Committee. A lover of animals. The outdoors. Art. Photography. Food. Friends. Family. My golden-doodle, Enzo. These passions make for a fulfilling life that spills over into and inspires the dreams and aspirations of my clients.


Finally, I must thank my mentors, my colleagues, team collaborators, and terrific clients for my artistic and commercial success and my satisfaction in life.


I look forward to meeting you, learning about your project and your passions, and together, creating something new in your world.

Amy Bennett | White Silo